Our first goal in our Two’s room is to welcome each child and family.  We want the children to feel safe and cared for while they are in our care, while also reassuring parents they are in good hands.  We give families opportunities to communicate openly, as we offer all the support we can.  We provide age appropriate activities in order to promote the five domains of learning.  Some of this includes incorporating realistic experiences within our curriculum and environment while encouraging independence.  To better prepare the children for preschool, we recognize all of our children’s accomplishments.  Two year olds take pride in independence and learning new things so we are actively using positive reinforcement.  We focus on all aspects of self-regulation.  Part of this is to teach the children to understand what their body language means and what feeling words to use to better gauge and express those feelings.   We believe that each moment is an opportunity to introduce basic concepts to our excited Two year olds.  Through story time, music, art, and play, our terrific two’s learn new material.

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