Our youngest classroom is one of the most vibrant infant rooms you’ll ever walk into. All of our infants have physical, visual and auditory stimulation throughout the day. Our teachers play children songs and sing with our infants who enjoy clapping very much. Our goal is to help our young infants develop and engage in positive and trusting relationships with adults and have interactions that foster these bonds to help them explore. Our infants enjoy looking at themselves in their classroom mirror! Our infant teachers spend the day observing and documenting the infants and preparing them for their infant milestones that include sitting up, holding their own bottles, and walking. The infants engage in conversation with the teachers as they practice making noises to mimic the teacher’s words and facial expressions. We encourage our infants to use their teachers as trusted adults as a secure base from which to explore the world.


Our toddler teachers create exciting, stimulating and healthy learning environments for our tiny toddler tykes. By using songs and hand gestures, the teachers give our toddlers fun and exciting ways to learn cognitive, social-emotional and language skills. To help with some of these skills, we read to our toddlers often so that they also begin to develop language and an interest in reading too! Children’s cognitive abilities are appropriately challenged by centers that help them recall their colors, numbers, and names through special interest areas. We actively call each toddler by name so that they are able to recognize their own and that of their peers. Classroom limits and expectations are consistent so that our little ones have structure and can practice following directions using their listening skills. By the time our toddlers are walking into our Two’s room, they have developed language skills that allow them to communicate verbally with their peers and develop the social skills to successfully interact with each other.

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