Head Start encourages children to apply skills in literacy, mathematics, the arts, and technology as they prepare for the transition to kindergarten. Based on as understanding of the latest research and best practices in early childhood education, the teachers make lesson plans for what to teach, when to teach it and how to offer experiences that meet the individual strengths and needs of all children. Our students will reflect on what they’ve learned, celebrate their accomplishments, and always enjoy sharing these experiences with their family and friends.

At the end of each school year, we actively take the time and patience to address kindergarten readiness for both the children and their families. We know these transitions are different for each child and how they adapt to changes depends on the support system and trust they’ve built with the adults around them - especially their teachers. Our teachers take the time to build strong bonds with the children in their classroom so that the children feel like they can express themselves comfortably knowing that their teacher has their best interest at heart. We recognize that ages zero to five are the most critical points in a child’s life and believe this is our window of opportunity to guide, educate, and care for our students.

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